Help for Families

Money Management for Families of Seniors

Senior living can be complicated and many times, due to health issues or memory problems, other family members have to step in to help their elderly loved ones manage various aspects of their lives. Help Unlimited is here to make that easier on seniors’ families. If you are now in charge of your older loved one’s finances, Help Unlimited can assist you with managing their short and long-term expenses and making essential financial decisions. Taking on your elderly parents’ expenses as well as managing your own finances can be a lot of work, let us take some of that burden off your shoulders.

How We Help Families Manage Their Expenses

Not only will we protect your elderly loved one against exploitation, fraud and unwarranted influence over their money, we will also make sure their financial documents are in order. We know that as we age there are often more medical bills, insurance claims and more stressful decisions that have to be made.

Let Help Unlimited do the hard work and balance your loved one’s checkbook as well as sorting and paying their bills. Our practice works with you,  your CPA and your attorney to help manage your loved one’s money so you can focus on taking your kids to the soccer game or spending more time with your aging loved ones.

Besides taking care of your elderly family members, you’ve got a lot on your plate already. At Help Unlimited we take the time to match our service representatives with each of our customers based on their skill set, personality and geography because we want to make sure we are offering our clients the best service possible. We pride ourself on our attention to detail and careful scrutiny of client funds with the goal to ease your worries and keep things in order for your family.

Contact Help Unlimited for Family Money Management

If you’re feeling overwhelmed taking care of both your family and aging parents, contact our team of money managers today. We can help organize financial and medical documents, work directly with Social Security and medicare, and provide referrals to other senior service providers we trust with our own loved ones. With our professional team on your side, you can rest easy knowing that your loved one’s fund’s are all in order and taken care of.