Managing Your Money, Bills, Mail.

Our Daily Money Management Services

At Help Unlimited our daily money management services are designed to assist you with managing your money, paying bills, opening and sorting mail, organizing medical bills and so much more. Our daily money management professionals keep track of your expenses. Our seasoned team can help manage bills, mail, reconcile checking accounts, organize tax statements as well as other aspects of your finances so you can enjoy some well-deserved peace of mind. Everyone’s financial situations are different, you may not need all of our services right now. Our daily money management services are available as you need them; you may need some of them now and others in the future, and when you do, we’ll be there to help every step of the way. Take a look at the daily money management services we offer below and contact us anytime to learn more

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Bill Paying Service Management

  • Bill Payments
  • Bill Sorting
  • Checking & Credit Card Account Reconciliation
  • Medical Bill Handling

When you have a busy life, managing your bills can seem overwhelming. Whether you normally pay your bills online or with handwritten checks to be signed by you or your legal representative, Help Unlimited bill paying daily money management service can take away the stress and manage your bills for you. This even includes confusing and costly medical bills that can seem overwhelming at times. We can help set up automatic online payments and make sure your estimated taxes are paid on time each quarter. We also offer bill-sorting services, so you don’t have to keep track of countless paper bills and emails flooding your inbox from various companies.  We will balance your accounts each month and monitor them for unusual activity so you’ll never have to worry about fraudulent activity. 

Mail Management

  • Mail Management
  • Organization and Maintenance of Files

With Help Unlimited’s Mail Management services, you’ll never have to worry about those bills you don’t want to open ever again. We’ll sort your mail for you and throw away the junk, shred sensitive data and file important documents you’ll need to keep for tax filing purposes later on.


Expense & Budget Tracking

  • Expense Tracking
  • Budget  Counseling
  • Checkbook Balancing
  • Spending Analysis
  • Savings Goal Management

Expense and budget tracking are core elements of any daily money management program. Help Unlimited will track your monthly income and expenses so you never miss a beat. We will analyze what you’re spending your money on to make budgeting and saving money easier. Knowing how much you spend is critical at all ages and income levels  so you can make important financial decisions. We will also give you advice on how to save money to reach your financial goals. 

Tax Organization

  • Organization of Tax Documents
  • Tax Organization for Businesses
  • CPA / Tax Office Collaboration

We use proven methods to organize personal and business income and deductible expenses. We help you fill out the organizer provided by your accountant. We will also work with your accountant to make sure your taxes are prepared properly and on time. If you’re behind, don’t worry. Help Unlimited daily money management services also help you catch up and collect records needed to file overdue tax returns.


File Management

  • Document Retention and Storage
  • Organization of Emergency Information

Document retention and storage is important for every individual and business. We will help you develop a system for storing documents and data for compliance or business reasons so they can be searched and accessed when necessary. This also includes organization of essential documents like your personal or business emergency information.

Medical Paperwork Assistance

  • Health Insurance Claims Filing
  • Long Term Care Insurance Claims

We can help you define your health insurance benefits,  submit your claims, review your explanations of benefits and work with your doctors and  insurance company to make sure all claims have been properly paid and squared away. We can also file claims to long term care insurance and assist you in defining what your policy will pay for.


Insurance Claims Management

  • Itemization of Assets
  • Photo Documentation of Personal Property for Insurance

Help Unlimited will itemize your assets for any tax or insurance purposes. We also photograph and list your personal property so you can define your insurance needs. You will get a complete hard copy list and a computerized one as well. 

Banking Services

  • Personal Banking
  • Cash

When it comes to personal banking, let Help Unlimited make the deposits at your financial institution and resolve any issues with your bank statements. We will also make sure that you reply to important due dates such as CD maturity dates. And for those who have difficulty getting to the bank, we can bring cash to appointments for your spending needs.


Professional Services Coordination

  • Referrals to Community Resources

Help Unlimited is connected to the community. We understand the vast network of services out there to help you age in place, in your own home, or plan out a move to one of the many excellent retirement living options in the area. Big decisions get implemented by taking small steps and we can help you manage those details.