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Bill Paying Services in Charlottesville, VA and the DC Metro Area

The tasks of managing and paying bills are overwhelming for anyone. Coupled with the hassle of daily money management, and many seniors, busy professionals, and families simply don’t have the time available to handle these chores.

That’s why so many people across DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia have invested in daily money management and bill paying services. A daily money manager is paid to make sure that your bill payments are made on time. They also understand the nuances of working with health insurance providers, eliminating the annoyance of decoding complicated medical bills.

Help Unlimited offers clients daily money management assistance, such as bill paying services. From sorting and paying bills to account reconciliation, Help Unlimited relieves the stress of daily money management, so clients retain their independence. Regardless of the complexity, our service representatives eliminate the irritation involved with monthly bill pay.

With Help Unlimited’s bill paying service management everyday billing activities are covered, including:

  • Bill payments
  • Bill sorting
  • Checking and credit card account reconciliation
  • Medical bill handling

Paying bills with handwritten checks signed by either you or your legal representative? Electronically paying bills online? It doesn’t matter! Help Unlimited can take over your monthly bill paying responsibilities with ease. Relieve the stress in your life with our DC Metro Area bill paying services.  

Here’s how our bill paying services work in Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland

Help Unlimited will assign you a dedicated staff person who will listen to your concerns, note how you have been paying bills in the past, and work with you to create an efficient bill paying system. We will also help you organize correspondence from billers so you can find records easily for questions that arise and tax time!

Never again worry about errors appearing on your monthly bills. Service representatives from Help Unlimited examine each and every bill you receive to ensure there are no incorrect or fraudulent charges.

Additionally, our staff can balance your checking and credit card accounts each month to avoid overspending and fraudulent activity. We can also produce reports that show you your monthly spending and income.

Depending on what you are most comfortable with, Help Unlimited bill paying services are provided either in your home or at our office in Silver Spring, Maryland. We gladly serve individuals and families across Charlottesville, VA and the DC Metro Area.

Those seniors, professionals, and families that choose Help Unlimited trust us to provide secure bill paying services. Security is our top priority, and we take every measure to safeguard all of your personal information and accounts. Our team strives to provide you with peace of mind over both your short- and long-term expenses, so we employ the highest standard of security practices for all private data.

Bill Paying FAQ

Have questions you need answered?

How do your bill paying services differ from automatic deductions from my accounts?

When companies automatically deduct money from your bank account, they do not consider your cash flow. Bill paying is all about timing! With the experts at Help Unlimited, your bank account is managed, so you do not incur overdraft or late fees. Your bills are paid on-time, every time. Automatic deductions are a great efficiency tool, but they cannot replace the need to monitor bank accounts.

Do you provide bill paying services for the elderly in Charlottesville, VA and the DC Metro Area?

Yes, Help Unlimited specializes in bill paying services for frail or elderly seniors, who are often targets for financial exploitation. We also have excellent, efficient systems for working with independent seniors, busy professionals, and families.

Help Unlimited aims to ensure the independence of our elderly clients for as long as possible while maximizing their financial security.  We can work with your POA, CPA, financial advisor and/or attorney to ensure that all the details of your daily finances are being considered in your overall planning. We listen to our clients and their concerns and provide professional guidance in the best ways to manage day to day finances.

How much are your bill paying services?

Help Unlimited charges an hourly rate with occasional nominal travel fees depending on your location.

The cost of bill paying services varies based on each client’s individuals needs and preferences. We can often tailor our services to meet the budget needs of our clients.To learn how much bill paying services would cost you, contact Help Unlimited today to schedule a no-cost consultation.  


I call Amanda my ‘person who gets things done’. When I first met her, my husband had just passed away and I couldn’t face all the bills and forms that started to pile up on my desk. We tackled the paperwork together. She helped me prioritize tasks and get everything tidy and properly managed. Now we have out twice-a-month routine. I set everything aside for her and we take care of things when she comes. It’s such a relief to know I have her in my corner!”

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