Daily Money MAnager Testimonials

"I sincerely appreciate all the hard work and dedication Lauren Cain, Daily Money Manager, gives to my 98 year old Aunt and 93 year old Uncle. They never had children and asked me to be in charge of their health and finances. They live in Silver Spring, Maryland and I live in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois and only visit them 4 times a year. For that reason I needed someone reliable that I could count on to handle their finances. Laurens careful attention to detail makes her so special. She is very important to me and I can't thank her enough for all her hard work. The service Lauren provides exceeds all expectations and guarantees a continuing successful relationship"
- Beverly C.

"I am excited about our work together.  It is wonderful to have support with all this responsibility.  I feel like a weight is being lifted and with great guidance as well!”
Kathy N., Swan Point, MD

"Lauren found an error in a payment statement, which saved us thousands of dollars. Money managers really do pay for themselves!"
- Carolyn

“Please convey to Amanda how very much I have appreciated her patience and competence in handling my mother-in-law’s affairs over the past year.  The services which your company and Amanda – and Mandy! – have provided have been invaluable in helping my mother-in-law maintain the degree of independence and security of which she is capable.”
- Mary M., Washington DC

“Bob Buchanan has been very helpful with our financial problems.  He is professional and a joy to work with.”
- Clara C., Silver Spring MD

“As time moved on, managing our financial chores became tougher for Joan and me. We found relief from such tensions by asking Amanda to handle them for us. It worked—cost effectively—and our lives rapidly became more carefree and enjoyable. Amanda keeps tabs on everything and it makes me feel good to know that if anything were to happen to me, she would be able to help my Joan.”
- Bob S.

“We started working with Amanda when my husband suffered a stroke. Things were stressful enough and then all the medical bills started piling up. She sorted everything, filed claims with our insurance company and made sure we didn’t pay any bills until the insurance company had paid. She saved us time, money and stress so we could focus on healing”
- Paul G.

“I call Amanda my ‘person who gets things done’. When I first met her, my husband had just passed away and I couldn’t face all the bills and forms that started to pile up on my desk. We tackled the paperwork together. She helped me prioritize tasks and get everything tidy and properly managed. Now we have our twice-a-month routine. I set everything aside for her and we take care of things when she comes. It’s such a relief to know I have her in my corner!”
- Dorothy V.