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Responsibly Managing Your Money, Every Single Day

Bills, taxes, insurance. Life gets busy and financial responsibilities never slow down. Managing daily finances can become more complicated with age, growing families, and busier professional lives. It can also just be a hassle that gets in the way of enjoying your retirement.

When your finances take a back seat, tax mistakes, insurance errors, and late bills easily start slipping through the cracks. Poor daily money management can hurt credit scores and lead to overspending or overdrafting accounts.

Help Unlimited has a team of expertly trained and experienced daily money managers who can act as personal financial assistants and are ready to help you avoid costly mistakes and wasted time. Always know where you stand financially without having to dig through accounts or complicated paperwork every few weeks. Simplify your day-to-day finances with the help of your own personal daily money manager and live a financially healthy life.

What Personal Financial Assistants Do

Personal financial assistants manage an individual’s everyday financial responsibilities. They’re also known as daily money managers and they monitor your finances so you don’t have to. Consider every minute you spend checking your accounts, dealing with insurance companies, and paying bills every month. Now imagine if you had an experienced personal financial assistant to manage all of this for you.

Not only do you have more time, you also have peace of mind knowing an organized professional is overseeing your finances. Many individuals and families work with daily money managers to assist their loved ones and elderly parents who can no longer do it themselves. Senior citizens hire personal financial assistants to maintain their independence or simply have more free time. People with busy schedules and hectic lives require an extra set of hands to manage their accounts.

Start Simplifying Today

Help Unlimited understands that finances are a constant responsibility, especially during life transitions. With a personal financial assistant at your side, each and every day, daily money management is no longer at the forefront of your life. Our financial experts get to know you and understand your financial goals to manage your finances responsibly according to your rules.

How Help Unlimited’s Personal Financial Assistants Benefit You

Help Unlimited assigns you a personal financial assistant based on your unique needs and preferences. Once we’ve found the perfect match, your daily money manager begins assisting you with your day-to-day financial tasks.

  • Paying monthly bills
  • Balancing accounts
  • Monitoring cash flow
  • Analyzing, preparing, and filing tax records
  • Managing receipts for tax deductions
  • Preparing account deposits
  • Reconciling statements
  • Mediating with creditors
  • Interpreting insurance bills
  • And more

Tell Us What You Need Help With

Managing finances takes up valuable time you could be spending with family and friends, traveling, volunteering, and working. Help Unlimited values independence and understands just how busy you are. By working with our professional personal financial assistants, you get more of your life back.

Who We Serve

Our daily money managers are trained to work with a wide variety of clientele. Regardless of your responsibilities, most everyone can use a helping hand.

  • Senior citizens
  • Adult children of senior citizens
  • Individuals with disabilities
  • Families with full schedules
  • Retirees
  • Busy executives
  • Anyone who needs extra help

Start simplifying your life without sacrificing smart money management. Work with Help Unlimited’s personal financial assistants and spend more time doing what you love.

Washington D.C., Maryland, Virginia

Help Unlimited has two convenient locations in Charlottesville, VA and the Washington D.C. Metro Area. We serve Washington D.C., Suburban Maryland, Northern Virginia, Charlottesville, and surrounding areas. Contact us to start working with an experienced personal financial assistant today. We’re here to make life a little easier.

How do your bill paying services differ from automatic deductions from my accounts?

When companies automatically deduct money from your bank account, they do not consider your cash flow. Bill paying is all about timing! With the experts at Help Unlimited, your bank account is managed, so you do not incur overdraft or late fees. Your bills are paid on-time, every time. Automatic deductions are a great efficiency tool, but they cannot replace the need to monitor bank accounts.

Do you provide bill paying services for the elderly?

Yes, Help Unlimited specializes in bill paying services for frail or elderly seniors, who are often targets for financial exploitation. We also have excellent, efficient systems for working with independent seniors, busy professionals, and families.

Help Unlimited aims to ensure the independence of our elderly clients for as long as possible while maximizing their financial security.  We can work with your POA, CPA, financial advisor and/or attorney to ensure that all the details of your daily finances are being considered in your overall planning. We listen to our clients and their concerns and provide professional guidance in the best ways to manage day to day finances.

How much are your bill paying services?

Help Unlimited charges an hourly rate with occasional nominal travel fees depending on your location.

The cost of bill paying services varies based on each client’s individuals needs and preferences. We can often tailor our services to meet the budget needs of our clients.To learn how much bill paying services would cost you, contact Help Unlimited today to schedule a no-cost consultation.  


I call Amanda my ‘person who gets things done’. When I first met her, my husband had just passed away and I couldn’t face all the bills and forms that started to pile up on my desk. We tackled the paperwork together. She helped me prioritize tasks and get everything tidy and properly managed. Now we have out twice-a-month routine. I set everything aside for her and we take care of things when she comes. It’s such a relief to know I have her in my corner!”

Dorothy V.  |  View More Testimonials »

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